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Gradual Release of Responsibility Optimal Learning Model

Literacy Place follows the Gradual Release of Responsibility optimal learning model. In this model, teachers constantly and slowly release more responsibility for learning to students.

Instructional Approaches

Literacy Place incorporates a range of instructional approaches that are organized within the gradual release of responsibility model. This chart shows that students move through each approach in reading and writing starting with high teacher support and ending with independent work. Working with words and oral language are interwoven into all of the instructional approaches.

Each grade level includes:

  • Teacher’s Guides for Reading, Writing, and Working with Words, and Program & Planning Guide (K–3)
  • Online Teaching Tools


  • 15 Shared Reading Packs*
  • 20 Small-Group Shared/Guided Reading Packs** (Levels A–D) (120 books total)
  • 325 books total for Kindergarten

Grade 1

  • 10 Shared Reading Packs *
  • 60 Small-Group Shared/Guided Reading Packs** (Levels A–K) (360 books total)
  • 430 books total for Grade 1

Grade 2

  • 10 Shared Reading Packs* (70 books total)
  • 48 Guided Reading Packs** (Levels E–P) (288 books total)
  • 358 books total for Grade 2

Grade 3

  • 10 Shared Reading Packs* (70 books total)
  • 44 Guided Reading Packs** (Levels K–R) (264 total books)
  • 334 books total for Grade 3

* Each Shared Reading Pack includes 1 Big Book, 6 copies small book version, teaching plan, plastic storage bag. Audio versions of books available online.
** Each Small-Group Shared/Guided Reading Pack includes 1 title, 6 copies each, teaching plan, plastic storage bag.