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Model Guided Reading Classroom

Teacher works with one small group of students at a time while students rotate from one activity or literacy center to another.

Carefully leveled books in all Guided Reading Programs

Find the right books for your classroom using the A to Z Guided Reading Leveling System. Use this chart as a basis for average classrooms and add levels to meet the needs of your student population.

A classroom layout similar to the model to the left, the teacher works with one small group of students at a time while students rotate from one activity or literacy center to another.

NEW! Nonfiction Focus 2nd Edition:

More nonfiction than ever!
  (80% nonfiction, 20% fiction)

Teacher’s Guide featuring NEW sections addressing:

  • Common Core State Standards
  • Prompts and strategies to support problem-solving
  • Analysis of Informational Text Features

No title overlap among Guided Reading Programs or 1st Edition!

Guided Reading Toolkit

The Guided Reading Toolkit provides you with teaching strategies, classroom management techniques, and assessment resources to successfully implement the Guided Reading instructional approach.


  • An Implementation Guide with critical strategies to use guided reading effectively
  • A Flip Chart to easily organize classroom management, flexible grouping, and assessment
  • A Website complete with Instructional Videos modeling effective guided reading instruction and printables for organizing your students and classroom

Guided Reading Individual Levels

Build or add to your classroom library by purchasing sets of authentic leveled books by Guided Reading level. Refer to the leveling chart below and base your selection of books on levels appropriate for your students, as well as genre, text type, and theme.

Each level includes:

  • 60 Books (10 titles; 6 copies each)
  • Teacher’s guide detailing Guided Reading instructional approach and assessment and observation tools
  • 10 Teaching Cards with instructional suggestions for each title
  • Leveling Stickers to organize your leveled library
  • Red plastic storage bins

Guided Reading 6-Book Sets

Designed for independent reading, paired reading or small-group guided instruction, these sets will help educators tailor instruction to meet the needs of all students.


  • Six copies of each title with each pack to support small group instruction
  • A selection of different titles from each Guided Reading Level, A to Z

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