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  • Age: 8 and Up
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Powerful Search Engine

Scholastic GO!has been completely re-engineered, creating efficient search functionality that makes it easier and faster to find the right results.

  • Enhanced delivery and organization of search results
  • Access to a variety of resources including 115,000 authentic leveled texts and 80,000 vetted websites
  • Filter all returns by Lexile level to find the right content for every reading ability
  • Contains 1,100 world newspapers from 195 countries in 73 languages

Multi-Media Content

Scholastic GO! draws from hundreds of thousands of high-quality, interactive resources to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

  • GOTube videos
  • Interactive maps
  • Tables and charts
  • Photographs
  • Lesson plans and educator resources

A Focus on the Future

By integrating technology and research into a child’s education, Scholastic GO!provides them with the skills necessary for success in higher education, professions, and beyond.

  • Career sidebars offer quick fact guides on hundreds of professions, giving your students the ability to explore different paths and passions
  • Over 1,000 interactive maps to further support research and content area knowledge
  • All resources are filtered by Lexile level so all students have access to appropriate content